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Hi! I'm Natasha! Your Washington elopement photographer, dog petter and donut eater. While photography is my first love, connecting with people is my love language. You'll find me lovin' on the big moments, the quiet moments, the silly moments – but especially the in between moments. The moments that are unadulterated and unfiltered. The ones where you are the real you. Here on the blog you'll find all of my favorite tips, tricks and resources for planning an elopement that's all about those moments.




Okay so before you come at me for this Lake Cushman elopement not teeeeechnically being in Olympic National Park, here me out. It's right on the very edge of the national park border, and is part of the Olympic National Forest. So we'll agree to disagree. But ANYWAY, Lake Cushman is such a stunning part of the national forest! In the summer it's bustling with vacationers swimming in it's crystal clear waters, and in the winter it's a sleepy moody town hidden corner of the forest. And while most of the area is private (so many beautiful vacation cabins here!), with private lake access only, there's still a handful of absolutely beautiful little nooks that are open to the public that were the perfect spot for Valerie and Jacob's winter elopement.

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When Valerie and Jacob first came to me, our original plan was that they would have an intimate wedding with a handful of guests at a beautiful tiny venue in the Skagit Valley (up North by us in Bellingham!), but not long after decided that they wanted to do something even more unique and special. So they opted to have TWO wedding days and legally get married in Washington in December with an intimate elopement ceremony and just two guests, and then still have their summer intimate wedding in July. Truly the best of both worlds!

But here's the catch...they had never been to Washington and they only had 3 weeks before they were going to fly out and elope! Coming from Texas, they weren't sure where they wanted to go since they had never been to the PNW before, but had booked an Airbnb on the fly in Shelton, WA. And I knew just the place for them! Just a quick drive from where they were staying was Lake Cushman, the gateway to the Olympic National Park! So with only 3 weeks notice, we planned their whole elopement day from start to finish and it was absolutely beautiful.


Come elopement day, Brian and I arrived and instantly we hit it off. Usually we leave our dog Fern at home, but decided to bring her along for the ride (she happily snoozes in the car while we focus on elopement activities, but Valerie and Jacob (and their guests) immediately gave her all the lovin' she could ever want. When we arrived at their airbnb, it was all chill vibes, with donuts being passed around, the excitement palpable. And soon we found ourselves chatting away, and on our way to the lake.

A typical Washington winter day, it was chilly and gloomy, but still so beautiful nonetheless. With views like the snow capped Olympic mountains, a gorgeous lake, and dirt roads it was magical. So we made our way down to a secluded nook on the lakeshore, a spot that Brian and I had scouted a few years beforehand, and the rest is history.

Thank you so much, Valerie + Jacob, for spending such a wonderful day with us and for giving Fern so much love! Can't wait to see you in July for elopement #2!