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When Grace and Erik first came to me (almost two years ago!) it was like the stars aligned for us to meet. And I know that sounds dramatic, but right from the start it felt like reconnecting with old friends. And every single call and meeting and text about planning felt like creating the best group art project imaginable.

Incorporating all of the intricate elements of their life into their photos was at the top of their priority list. So we started off by discussing exactly how they wanted to feel, and we landed on something that felt fun and natural. And most importantly nothing too serious, because one of their favorite parts of their relationship is that they can be their true goofy selves with each other. Sustainability was an important element, trying to keep things healthy for the earth and for all of the people involved, but including their loved ones, the importance of family, and love of art too. Since they're both talented creatives in linocut, embroidery (a pandemic hobby that Grace taught Erik that he picked up unbelievably fast and quickly surpassed her abilities as she lovingly says), sewing, film photography, it was a must to include all of the creative bits in some way. And as an elopement photographer that's all about collaborating with other artists, this was just a dream come true.


So right from the start, we included every bit of their personalities in the engagement session. Over Zoom calls, and emails, and plenty of excited texts we discussed all of the different locations we could visit together, places that incorporated that PNW feel, but always coming back to their love of family and art, and ultimately we landed on the best engagement photo location imaginable for them. Grace's family cabin on the Olympic Peninsula. A funky, handmade octagonal structure that was much less like a cabin, than an incredible 1970s art collectors home.


By the time we rolled around to elopement day, their vision was clear and we made a point to keep rolling with our theme. We would continue to include Grace's family's love of eclectic art by having their reception at Grace's mothers (an incredible art collector) home in Seattle, WA, having plenty of unique details like a handmade beaded crown she would wear, painstakingly handwritten and cut invitations, and of course, their families 18 year old dog Pesto! All of the fun, and easy, and whimsical details you could dream of.

Every single decision they made when it came to their elopement day, embodied what they valued the most. Their family and friends got involved by adding their own personal touches from providing the reception space at a family home, to a family friend catering it all, to a friend baking their cake, more loved ones rocking the pizza oven and passing out drinks, their siblings even co-officiated! Every part of their wedding was touched by someone they loved. And I think there's something so beautiful about that, ya know?

And they even decided that they would truly make their day the most THEM day ever, by splitting up their elopement into two days so they could have even more time to celebrate with friends and family! The perfect solution to wanting their elopement to be the most chill fun possible.


But there was a twist...

No one knew that it was going to be their wedding day! So on that Friday, when a small group of guests thought they were being invited to an engagement party at Cathedral Ballard, Grace and Erik surprised them all by having an impromptu ceremony right then and there!

Even this venue was specifically chosen because Cathedral is a business that donates 100% of its profits to a charity of your choice! Grace and Erik could continue to show their love for others, in all ways connected to their wedding.


In the end, Grace and Erik booked me for a totally custom 8 hour package split between two days, with an engagement session, and multiple Polaroid add on's so we could have the ultimate flexibility to create and chill and leave plenty of room to let the moments happen.




Vendors for this elopement were a unique situation where everything was thrifted, or provided by the couple themselves!

venue: a private home + Cathedral Seattle
dress: thrifted from Goodwill.com
planning: grace, erik, + their families
alterations: Eltsa Custom Sewing, Seattle, WA
cake: made by their friend Rachel!
catering: Nancy, a family friend

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