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Dana and Joe knew right away what sort of vibe they wanted for their romantic indie in-home engagement session. Inspired by old vinyl and the warm nostalgia of film snapshots, we took the afternoon slow in their quiet Astoria home. And the best part? Their home was also home to a pup named Simcoe. A very good girl of course. I love visiting my couples homes to do photos because it really helps me understand more about them, their relationship, and what they love. Your home is a reflection of who you are. So seeing my couples in their familiar space always adds a beautiful extra layer of intimacy. The comfort you feel when you're with your loved one in your own space is unmatched. And being able to capture that for them is something so special to me.

Plus sometimes, it means I get a homemade margarita. And lemme tell ya, Joe makes one damn good margarita.

After our margarita sipping, vinyl spinning, and dog petting, we made our way over to the legendary Jackson Hole diner. This 50 year old diner is something of legend in NYC. Known for their insane burgers and old fashioned milkshakes, it was founded in 1972 and originally known at the Air Line diner! It's looked exactly the same for my whole life. I think there's something extra beautiful about that. It's a warm memory for so many New Yorkers and being able to join Dana and Joe here was truly a treat. They spent so many late nights here with each other, with friends, with family, making so many memories. It's only fitting that we spent such a special time in their life here for their engagement photos as well.

Thank you so much for spending your evening with me, making me margaritas and letting me hang out with sweet Simcoe! I can't wait to see you at your wedding!

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